Paige’s Connection Company Profile Terms and Conditions

I “The Caretaker” Agree to the following:

Paige’s Connection Company is a caregiver referral service. I agree that as a caregiver, I am an independent contractor and NOT an employee of Paige’s Connection Company. I am employed by the client. The caretaker acknowledges that Paige’s connection Company will not be held liable regarding any injury, loss, or damage happening from or related in any way to the use of our services.

An account can be frozen at any time by reaching out to Paige’s Connection Company directly. Knowingly contacting a family after they have frozen an account will result in termination from using our services in the future. The caretaker agrees that all payments are to be handled directly between the client and the caretaker upon completion of their service based on the agreed upon amount made between the two parties. Cancelling on a family without atleast 48 hours notice is subject to a $25 fee, and a no show is subject to a $50 fee. Paige’s Connection Company is in no way responsible for handling payments for services rendered.