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Our Mission: To Provide Peace of Mind in Child Care

We personally know how hard it can be to find people you trust to take care of your children. Here at Paige’s Connection Co., we ensure that our caretakers have the latest training to provide the best care possible at an affordable price to provide you and your family peace of mind! Explore our site to learn more!

Your Trusted Child Care Resource in North Texas / DFW

With 3 children under 5 years old, Paige can relate to the struggles when it comes to finding safe, and affordable care for your children. As Paige searched for a nanny with a 3rd baby on the way, she noticed how expensive it was to even begin to look with an agency. The fees charged to the nannies, as well as the parents, only make it that much harder and unaffordable on both ends.

We believe there shouldn’t be high monetary barriers to find passionate caretakers who love children. We want to create a personalized and comfortable experience for nannys and parents. This is why we meet all of our families and caretakers in person to better understand the needs and wants of both parties. No more asking around on Facebook hoping to figure it out. No more $60+ monthly fees for mediocre connections. No more hoping they are who they say they are, and are passionate about your children. At Paige’s Connection Company, we are here to bring peace of mind to parents and caretakers at an affordable price for everyone.

Nannies, Babysitters, & Child Care Specialists

We believe serving children is one of the most important jobs there is. Children are the future, and they should be surrounded by people who care. Because the job is so important, we believe every caretaker should keep 100% of their income. Which is why we do not charge caretakers to be on our platform, and have no intentions of doing so.

You work hard and are molding our future, so you deserve every penny you make. The only thing we ask is that you take ownership of our vetting process:

  • Pre-screen Connection / Phone Call
  • Resume must be provided
  • (1) Recommendation Letter
  • In-Person Interview
  • Background Check (a one-time $35 background check fee is assessed only after receiving your first booking through Paige’s Connection Co.)
  • CPR and First Aid Certified

After that – you ask for the rate you want (with no fees from us), no monthly subscription for you on our end, no more sharing your income with an overpriced agency, and no more surprises when you show up to provide child care. It’s really that simple. I believe that passing more money along to our amazing caregivers will ultimately yield a better quality childcare service for our parents and their children.


You asked for caretakers on social media, you constantly text friends for references, and probably gave up a few date nights with your spouse because you don’t know who you can trust to keep your children. It took my husband and me 5 years to take a vacation without our kids. We spent so much time looking for nannies before our trip, that we spent most of our vacation brainstorming a way to bring peace of mind to parents like ourselves – enter Paige’s Connection Co. Even though there are options to find care online, having someone completely vetted and readily available is what every parent looks for. Let us help you have date nights again! Because we meet each caretaker in person, call their references, and perform thorough background checks, you can rest assured your children will be in good hands while you’re out.

We’re transparent and upfront about our low-cost subscription model . Why? Because you deserve to know how much in-home childcare really costs – and be able to budget accordingly. Here at Paige’s, we keep it simple.

  • One-time $50 Registration Fee (Only after your first booking!)
  • $25/Month All-In Care Subscription (that’s it, it’s that simple)

  • What kind of childcare do you need? Doesn’t matter, it’s all included in one, low monthly subscription:
    • Access to network of personalized full-time and/or part-time nanny and childcare (covered!)
    • Access to network of part-time babysitters and nights / weekend babysitters (covered!)
    • Date night? Appointment you can’t miss? Finally taking that Honeymoon together? (covered!)
    • Work-related childcare needs? Traveling for work and need overnight? (covered!)
    • Long-term / Extended Child Care Needs (covered!)
    • Looking for a nanny for the summer? A few weeks or months? (covered!)
    • Emergencies / Last Minute Requests (covered! but try to give us 48 hours if you can)
    • Special childcare need requests? (just ask!)
    • Need a break from our services, or decide that you want to come back later? No problem! You won’t pay another Registration Fee.

Childcare Services

With many years of experience, each Caregiver from Paige’s Connection Co. has you covered. All candidates go through an initial screening, thorough background check, in-person interview, and provide a recommendation letter for good measure.

Our mission is to ensure your child receives the best care. Read more from Paige below!

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We know how difficult it is to find a caretaker who will perfectly suit your family’s needs. That’s exactly what we’re here for. You can trust us to find the right individual for your family. Whether it’s babysitting for a few hours, house sitting while you’re on a much needed vacation, or providing pet care, we’ve got you covered!

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Contact Number: 817.680.7748 (You will only see texts and calls come from this number)