Childcare Services

Expertise and Experience

At Paige’s Connection Co., we understand the importance of entrusting your child’s care to capable hands. That’s why we carefully select our babysitters and nannies based on their expertise, experience, and dedication to child development. With many years of experience in the field, our caregivers have honed their skills in providing age-appropriate activities, fostering social interactions, and promoting a stimulating learning environment. With our experienced and compassionate team, we offer a safe and nurturing environment for your little ones. Our commitment to quality sets us apart, ensuring that your child receives the best possible care. Read more about how we are providing peace of mind to parents.

We’re transparent and upfront about our low-cost subscription model. Why? Because you deserve to know how much in-home childcare really costs – and be able to budget accordingly. Here at Paige’s, we keep it simple:


  • One-time $150 Registration Fee (billed upon your first booking)
  • $75 / Monthly All-In Care Subscription (that’s it, it’s that simple)

Ensuring Safety and Security

Your child’s safety and well-being is important, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure a secure and loving environment for them. To give you peace of mind, we have a meticulous vetting and verification process in place for all our caregivers. We perform screenings, request reference letters, perform background checks, and meet all caregivers personally before connecting them with a family to ensure safety and security. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to selecting the most trustworthy and reliable individuals to look after your child. Together, we work as a team to provide a seamless and holistic care experience. We genuinely believe that our childcare connection model is the best for your family and your family’s wallet. That’s why we make our fees for parents and caregivers:


  • No Registration Fee, No Agency Fee, and No Recurring Fees1

Individualized Care

We meet all of our caregivers and families in-person, enabling us to tailor our care approach and provide personalized attention to meet your specific requirements. We value open communication with parents, working closely with you to ensure we align with your child’s routines, preferences, and developmental milestones. Together, we create a nurturing environment that supports your child’s growth and well-being. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of care. Read all about our commitment to providing safe and personalized childcare to our families at an affordable price!

  • What kind of childcare do you need? Doesn’t matter, it’s all included in one, low monthly subscription:
    • Access to personalized full-time and/or part-time childcare (covered!)
    • Access to Babysitting / Nights / Weekend babysitters (covered!)
    • Date night? Appointment? Finally taking that Honeymoon together? (covered!)
    • Work-related needs? Traveling for work and need overnight? (covered!)
    • Long-term / Extended Child Care Needs (covered!)
    • Looking for a nanny for the summer? A few weeks or months? (covered!)
    • Emergencies / Last Minute Requests (covered! but try to give us 48 hours if you can)
    • Special childcare need requests? (just ask!)

We are available 24/7 for our families.

Book a request, we’re eager to meet you!

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  1. Cancelling on a family without atleast 48 hours notice is subject to a $25 fee, and a no show is subject to a $50 fee. The fee covers the time, effort, and cost associate with finding a last minute replacement.